Provisional List of Invited Speakers


G. Pacchioni (Universita' di Milano, Italy)
Nucleation, growth and reactivity of supported nanoclusters on oxide thin films

P. Lejcek (Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic)
Grain boundaries: structure, segregation and classification

D. S. McPhail (Imperial College , London, U.K.)
The application of ion beam based surface analysis techniques in conservation science

Y. Homma (NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Kanagawa, Japan)
Towards standardization of ultra-shallow depth profiling: Multiple delta layers as a measure of depth scale

B.Bhushan (Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.)
Nanotribological studies of molecularly thick films using Atomic Force Microscopy

A. Baraldi (Universita' di Trieste, Italy)
Real-time core level photoemission: from surface structure to chemical reactions

Cha Liangzhen (Tsinghua University, Beijing , P.R. China)
Contamination Analysis in Space Environment Simulation, A Possible Application of TOF-SIMS

J. Robertson (University of Cambridge, UK)
Applications of carbon nanotubes

G. W. Rubloff (Institute for Systems Research and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MD, USA)
Chemical Sensing and Advanced Process Control in Electronic Materials Processing

R. Cingolani (NNL-INFM and Universita' di Lecce, Italy)
Photonic bandgap structures and devices

J.-L. Autran (University Institute of France, Marseille, France)
Innovative oxides for microelectronics: Electrical properties and integration aspects

A. Continenza (Universita' de L'Aquila, Italy)
Materials design for spintronics applications: challanges and perspectives

H. Okushi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
Homoepitaxial diamond this films for application to electronic devices

M. Cirillo (Università di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy)
Superconducting integrated circuits for quantum coherence experiments and metrological applications

John Rogers (University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA)
Basic and applied aspects of single and polycrystalline organic transistors

P. Fromherz (Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried, Germany)
Semiconductor devices with ion channels and nerve cells

A. Tredicucci (NEST-INFM, Pisa, Italy)
Quantum engineering of THz devices

L. H. W. van Beveren (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Single-shot read-out of a spin qubit

A. Menon (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark)
Cantilever nanobio sensors

S.Coffa (STMicroelectronics, Catania, Italy)
Materials science and post-silicon technologies

L. R. Wallenberg (Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lund, Sweden)
HREM and chemical analyses of semiconductor nanowires and nanotrees

N. D. Lang (IBM Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, USA)
Electrical Conductance of Small Molecules and Atomic Wires

K. Hirakawa (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Dynamical carrier transport and terahertz gain in semiconductor superlattices

A. Cleland (UC Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
Quantum Electromechanical Systems: Are We There Yet?

L. Molenkamp (Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie, Würzburg, Germany)
Spintronic nanostructures

J. Osterwalder (University of Zürich, Switzerland)
Organizing monolayers of C60 molecules on 1D and 2D nanotemplates

M. Bonn (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Bio-surface vibrational spectroscopy

K. H. Rieder (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
Nano Imaging and Nanomanipulation

J. Kirschner (Max-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik, Halle, Germany)
Magnetism at the nanoscale

D. Gall (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, USA)
Atomistic processes during the growth of transition-metal nitride hard coatings

A. Granier (IMN, Nantes, France)
Deposition of a -SiOx and SiOCH layers using pulsed plasmas

M. Boulos (Universite' de Sherbrooke, Canada)
Emerging applications of thermal plasma technology: From nano-materials to waste treatments

D. G. Castner (University of Washington, WA, USA)
Peptide and Protein Interactions with Surfaces

J. Gobrecht (Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland)
Diffractive X-ray optical devices and EUV interference lithography

F. Netzer (Universität Graz, Austria)
Oxide nanostructures on metal surfaces: From cluster "molecules" to two-dimensional oxide layers

F. Fracassi (Universita' di Bari, Italy)
Modification of surface properties by means of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

K. Hassouni (LIMHP, CNRS-UP13, France)
Different aspects in the modeling of hydrogen and hydrogen/methane discharges used for diamond deposition

C. Carbone (ISM-CNR, Trieste, Italy)
Magnetism of atoms, clusters, and nanostructures on surfaces

J. O'Connor (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Structure and Dynamics of Al on Pd(100)

L. McElroy (Cornell University, NY, USA)
Strongly Correlated Systems

S. Modesti (Universita' di Trieste and TASC-INFM, Italy)
Cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy of delta doped layers, quantum wells and nanostructures in GaAs

Frank Schreiber (Oxford University, United Kingdom)
Growth of crystalline organic thin films

K. Kern (Max-Planck-Institut für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart, Germany)
Low-Dimensional Systems at Surfaces

M. Käll (Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University, Sweden)
Nanoparticle optics for single molecule spectroscopy

A. Namiki (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Tempaku, KitaKyushu, Japan)
Adsorption and desorption dynamics related by detailed balance in the hydrogen reaction  on Si surfaces

N. Kruse (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
Dynamic imaging and local chemical probing of surface reactions

A. Selloni (Princeton University, NJ, USA)
The surface science of titanium dioxide: Insights from first principles simulations

T. Fritz (TU Dresden, Germany)
Electronic structure of organics

R. Ferrando (Universita' di Genova, Italy)
Energetics, thermodynamics and growth kinetics of nanoalloy clusters

B. N. J. Persson (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany)
Recent developments in nanotribology: Fundamental issues

R. Buzio (INFM, Genova, Italy)
Experimental investigations of the contact mechanics of rough fractal surfaces

F. Besenbacher (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
Dynamics of adatoms, molecules and defects at metal and oxide surfaces  studied by fast-scanning STM

M. Bernasconi (Universita' di Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
Ab-initio molecular dynamics simulation of complex chemical reactions at surface: ammonia synthesis on the surface of pyrite

J. G. Hou (University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, P. R. China)
STM images and spectroscopy of single fullerene molecules on surfaces

Marcel J. Rost (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Seeing thin films evolve with real-time, in-situ STM: Film growth and grain growth

J. Klemberg-Sapieha (Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Canada)
Mechanical Properties of Optical Coatings

J.-L. Loubet (Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France)
Few developments in mechanical spectroscopy of thin surface films

H. Perez (DRECAM, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, France)
Study of Langmuir -Blodgett films of capped platinum nanoparticles

H. Zabel (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
Spin structures in thin magnetic films: Recent developments towards spintronic materials

U. Heiz (Universität Ulm, Germany)
Nanoscale reactivity

V. Hopfe (Fraunhofer Institute Material and Beam Technology, IWS, Dresden, Germany)
Atmospheric pressure plasma CVD for wide area coating

Dechun Ba (Vacuum Engineering Research Center and CVS Northeastern University, P. R. China)
Surface and Bulk Processing in Controlled Environments

V. Nemanic (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Hydrogen evolution kinetics from stainless steel: The role of strongly bound states

Gerhard Voss (Leybold Vacuum, Koeln, Germany)
Pumping: Phenomena and technology

N. Hilleret (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
Large (Ultra High) Vacuum systems

D. Gatteschi (INSTM and University of Florence, Italy)
Molecular nanomagnets

M. Amiotti (SAES Getters S.p.A., Lainate, Milano, Italy)
Evolution of gettering technologies for vacuum packaged devices: From getters for vacuum tubes to getters for MEMS

L. Gregoratti (Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., Trieste, Italy)
The scanning photoemission microscope of the Elettra synchrotron light source

A. Mikkelsen (Lund University, Synchrotron Radiation Research, Lund, Sweden)
Direct atomically resolved imaging inside a nanowire

M. Buongiorno Nardelli (North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA)
The Interface Phase and the Schottky Barrier for a Crystalline Dielectric on Silicon

F. Iacona (CNR-IMM, Sezione di Catania, Catania, Italy)
Synthesis and characterization of silicon nanostructures and their applications in optoelectronic devices

A. Grill (T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA)
The development of PECVD low-k to ultralow-k SiCOH dielectrics for next generations of ULSI interconnects

L. Colombo (INFM and University of Cagliari, Italy)
Simulation of Nanostructure, Carbon, Film Deposition, and Tribological Properties

S. Manolache (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA)
Immobilization of DNA from Plasma-functionalized Polymer, Silicon, and Metal-oxide Surfaces, Using an Original “Sono-plot” (Ultra-sound-mediated Deposition Technique)

F. Yamada (Osaka University, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan)
One-dimensional Assembly and Local Surface Potential Mapping of Au Nanoparticles on a DNA network

S. J. van der Molen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands)
One-way opto-electronic switching of photochromic molecules on gold

E. I. Kauppinen (Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland)
A novel aerosol method for single walled carbon nanotube synthesis

Y. Oshima (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Midori-ku, Yokohama, Japan)
Electrical Conductance of elical multishell gold nanowires

H. G. Craighead (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA)
Nanoscale Devices Formed Using Deposited Polymeric Nanofibers

P. M. Albrecht (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Technology, Urbana, IL, USA)
Atomically clean integration of carbon nanotubes with silicon surfaces and UHV-STM nanofabrication

R. Palmer (The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Pinning of size-selected clusters and applications to molecular biology

A. Kiesow (Fraunhofer Institut, Halle / Saale, Germany)
Periodic structures in polymer thin films with embedded metal nanoparticles

D. Graves (University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA)
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Spontaneous and Ion-Assisted Etching of Silicon

M. Tatoulian (LGPPTS/ENSCP/University of Paris 6, Paris, France)
Surface coating via aerosol processing

H. Yasuda (University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, USA)
Plasma, glow discharge, polymerization, and luminous CVD (LCVD) Principle and Economical Advantage

J.-P. Booth (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France)
Electromagnetic effects in large area VHF capacitive discharges

Akbar Montaser (The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA)
Fundamental Nebulization Processes and Analyte Transport in High-Temperature Plasmas

J. Schnadt (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
Bridging the pressure gap: a scanning tunnelling microscopy study of CO/Pt(111) covering the complete pressure range from UHV to atmospheric pressures

A. Hodgson (University of Liverpool, UK)
Water and mixed OH/water coadsorption at metal surfaces

C. Henry (CRMC2, Universite de Marseille, France)
Oxide Surfaces: Growth, Structure and Reactivity

J. Guedde (Philipps-University Marburg, Germany)
Time-resolved Measurement of Diffusion of O on Vicinal Pt(111) Induced by Femtosecond Laser Pulses

E. Schroeder (Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden)
Layered surface-oxide structures on Mg(0001)

K. Vanormelingen (Instituut voor Kern- en stralingsfysica, Leuven, Belgium)
Iron silicide nanodots on Si(111)-root3xroot3Ag

A. Weismann (Universität Göttingen, Germany)
Electron scattering at subsurface impurities in noble metals at 8K

T. W. Barbee, Jr. (Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, CA, USA
Multilayer Structures for X-ray, Soft X-ray and Extreme Ultra Violet Optics

John H. Weaver ( University of Illinois, USA)
Nanostructure Diffusion and Aggregation on Desorbing Rare Gas Solids: Slip on an Incommensurate Lattice

F. Fuso (INFM and Universita' di Pisa, Italy)
Shape memory coatings for MEMS prototypes

M. Audi (Varian S.P.A., Leini’, Torino, Italy)
Ion pumps: Phenomena and technology

S. Schlemmer (Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands)
Nanoscale clusters for vacuum measurement

P. Deshpande (Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA)
Nanoimprint Lithography: An Enabling Engine to Nanotechnology

A. Nilsson (Stanford University, CA, USA and Stockholm University, Sweden)
Structure and Bonding of Water at Surfaces

A. Bachtold (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France)
Carbon Nanotubes

L. Hultman (Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden)
Mechanisms of Mechanical Deformation in Artificial Superlattices and Self-Organized Nanostructured Thin Films

P. Varga (Technische Universitaet Wien , Wien, Austria)
What Determines the Strength of CO Bonding to Metals?